Stewart vs LeBron Betting | Detroit Pistons vs LA Lakers November 28 Specials

As you have probably seen, things got very heated during the Detroit Pistons vs Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday evening, particularly between Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James. 

During the third quarter, the pair clashed during a Pistons’ free throw with James catching Stewart with a nasty elbow, just above his right eye, sending him to the floor. Despite James’ weak attempt at an apology, as you would expect, Stewart wasn’t exactly happy at what had happened. Stewart quickly found his feet and the pair squared up to one another exchanging some heated words before several of the players intervened to split them apart. 

Probably because he was already satisfied, after landing a cheap shot, James seemed to be rather calm during the situation; Stewart on the other hand, not quite so. As the blood dripped from the gash on his eyebrow, he made two attempts to get to LeBron, however, couldn’t get through the crowd of players and coaches who were holding him back. 

After the situation had, somewhat, died down, Stewart was taken to receive treatment and both players were ejected. Once the game had resumed, the LA Lakers went on to win 121-116. 

If you are a fan of all the drama, you will be excited to know that the two will come face to face again this Sunday, November 28, as the Lakers travel to Detroit. With just a week’s break between the fight and them seeing one another again, there really won’t have been much time for things to settle and with how the fight ended on Sunday, there is no doubt that Stewart will feel as though he has unfinished business with James to take care of.

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