KSI vs Fournier Odds

Bovada Sportsbook welcomes back our guest pundit, Natasha Turkington. This week, Natasha weighs in on the KSI vs Fournier. You can follow Natasha on Twitter at @natashaturk.

KSI Fournier Odds

This is the official klaxon to purist boxing fans (like myself) to cover your eyes and ears, try not to feel too queasy but I am afraid to tell you, it is happening again, internet people are doing boxing stuff.

Social media turned boxing star KSI and British millionaire entrepreneur turned professional boxer Joe Fournier will be going toe-to-toe in the boxing ring on May 13th at Wembley Arena, London.


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The duo had a heated face-off last month when Joe Fournier pushed KSI, the backlash of which led to a Fournier receiving heavy criticism from not only KSI fans but also the boxing press.

It was an easy night for KSI last time out after dropping FaZe Temperrr inside the opening round, but former professional boxer Fournier should provide a sterner challenge in the ring.

Although Joe Fournier is 40 years old, he represents a significant step up in quality for the British star as he is an undefeated professional boxer with a record of 9-0, all by way of KO, and who has fought David Haye in an exhibition scrap.

KSI has made it clear that his long-term goal is to beat Jake Paul with eyes firmly set on getting one over his arch rival by beating a pro after the latter’s perfect record was ended when he lost the highly anticipated fight against Tommy Fury.

The build-up to this weekend’s fight has brought with it the usual Twitter spats we all love. KSI tweeted: “I’d much rather fight and beat Tommy Fury so I can ruin Jake Paul’s legacy.”


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To which a shocked Tommy Fury chimed in: “Wait. Beat who?”

KSI fired back: “Beat you. Can you not read?”

Fury’s straight to the point response was: “Just as delusional as Jake. I’m looking forward to this one.”

Although when I watch these influencer/celebrity fights (and let’s face it they’re not going anywhere anytime soon) a piece of my boxing loving soul disintegrates, I must say this one between KSI and Fournier may be one of the more interesting ones.

Latest Odds

As it currently stands, the odds are as follows:

KSI -650

Fournier +400


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At 29 years old, KSI is in supreme shape and has been oozing confidence is his build-up interviews. With a 4 – 0 record (1 as a pro) he goes in to this six-round cruiserweight bout against a much older, yet more experienced, boxer in Joe Fournier.

The former light heavyweight champion took up boxing professionally in 2015 and boasts an unbeaten record. Fournier initially retired from boxing due to a scaphoid injury but returned to the ring in 2021 to fight Haye, who dispatched him.

Will KSI continue to disrupt the boxing world and continue to pick up the wins or will boxing veteran Fournier ruin the night for KSI fans?